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My 2001 Taurus 3 litre dohc engine started to misfire a couple of days ago first start up in the morning around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.After driving it gently it ran better and smoother until there was no misfire at all.The next morning,same thing.When I got home I scanned it and got the P0302 confirmed code.While it was running warm and smooth I cleared the code scanned again and received no fresh code.The car had a coil pack and new platinum plugs installed Appx.20,000 kilometres ago.Not by me but I do have the work order from the previous owner.
So my first question was going to be does the dohc engine use a plug over coil,or coil pack ignition.? I didn’t see any wires or small bolt on the end of the plug wires so coil pack it is I guess.
It seems unlikely that the coil pack would be bad again already,but I don’t know what brand of part was used( maybe cheap off shore)
Is #2 cylinder on the firewall side? And I guess the coil pack is back there as well.
I guess the plan now is to remove the intake manifold and all the other pieces along with it.
I haven’t ruled out a bad injector for number #2 cylinder either but no matter what,it looks like the intake has to come off for any tests,including a compression test.
Any thoughts or opinions on this issue would be appreciated thanks
See pic, '01 DOHC. Location of coilpack. I would pull the plug and inspect carefully. In fact I would do the suspect plug and adjacent plug and look for difference. Ohm the plug wires.
Coil packs fail usually from cracks but can be anything. I would check ohms on all rear plug wires and they should be similar. Remove intake on '01-'03 relatively easy. I would put rags in all intake ports to reduce the risk of dropping something down the holes. You can hot wire the starter as in the pic. Crank it over with the intake off no rags in the intake ports, and listen for even load pulses in the starter load. A skip means low compression on a cylinder but that is rare on DOHC. Just to rule that out while at it. Jump crank will ensure no fuel pump, no fuel, no spark. All plugs would need to be in place to do that.


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