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  • Tom S ·
    Hey, I swear I remember you having a post that showed a some kind of internal wear to the PVC valve a while back. I have searched all over trying too find that image. Am I remembering that right or am I mixing up information? I kind of recall that there was some calibrated air passages and the PVC valve wore into them. Trying to hunt down a fluctuating or hunting idle on my 2006.

    Happy New Year Chart.

    Hope all is going well in your temporary digs. Do you think you'll get into your new/old house soon ? I went to AZ for Christmas week and thought about how nice it would be to live in a rust free environment ! But on the other hand, it's kind of bleak in AZ. If I ever retire, it will be to Southern Utah, near Zion National Park.
    IkeNewton ·
    Do you have a diagram or photo or something that could show me where to access the proper wire off of the MFS? I'm a bit lost. I get the rest, I think but not sure what wire to hook the relay up to
    RobertOhlund ·
    Hi there, 249hp has been helping me with my 95 wagon 3.8, I'm gonna need a PCM or ECM as well as the entire Distributor(cap,rotor,pickup coil,shaft with gear) from a J.Y. Was told you have some references. I live in San Tan Valley, Arizona. east side of Phoenix metro area. Would greatly appreciate your help
    red2200 ·
    I sent this to you as a private message, too. Not sure if they both work the same.

    Sorry to bother you, but do you know if it's okay to just pull the quick connect fitting off of the fuel line, and then work at getting the fitting apart from the filter nipple?

    When I was wrestling with it, a good half inch of the fitting had slipped off the line.

    Will I wreck the line? Or, is it nearly impossible to get the fitting back on once it's pulled from the line?

    Thanks. Again, sorry to bother you.
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