Oil Change on a Vulcan

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Things you'll need: 5/8" socket or wrench, Automotive jack, Oil drain pan, New oil filter (FRAM #PH3600) (I don't endorse FRAM filters but this is the first part number that comes to mind-GO MOTORCRAFT!), 5 quarts of new motor oil (recommended 5W-20), Oil filter wrench.

Changing the oil on the 3.0L Vulcan is probably the easiest maintenance procedure you could possibly do to your Taurus. Unless you're a person of small stature, you're going to have to jack the car up in order to crawl under it and reach the oil drain plug. It's quite obvious to spot - there's a black pan with a 5/8" (I believe) bolt off to the side. Loosen this plug and make sure you have a drain pan ready because oil will begin to spew out. Let all the oil drain out and replace the plug.

Next, you'll want to replace the oil filter which is located on the frontside of the motor underneath the exhaust manifold. It's almost impossible to miss - metal can sticking out from the front of thhe motor. Careful! If the motor is hot, you could easily burn yourself. I've accessed the oil filter from both the top and bottom sides of the engine before so it really depends on how you feel that day whether or not you want to tackle it from the bottom side or the topside. You'll need a oil filter wrench if you're hands are up to the task of twisting it off. FRAM filters are easier to remove/replace w/o a filter wrench because of their easy-grip tops. However, many members on this forum believe that FRAM is the orange can of death and urge others to steer clear of them. Search the forums and find out for yourself. When you unscrew the oil filter, oil will run down the side of the engine but this is normal. Make sure you positioned your oil pan underneath the oil filter to catch any excess runoff and wipe off any excess oil before installing the new oil filter. Reinstallation is as easy as removal - just install the new oil filter in the reverse order. It is recommended that you slightly lube the new gasket on the bottom of the oil filter with oil to help it form a good seal. Tighten the filter hand tight and then take your trusty oil filter wrench and give it a couple of extra turns. Overall, just make sure it's tight and doesn't leak. Leaks are never a good thing.

Finally, you'll need to fill your Taurus back up with fresh oil from your friendly local supplier (i.e. Advance, AutoZone, Wal-Mart, whatever). The oil filler cap is located top dead center of the motor on the valve cover (also almost impossible to miss). The Vulcan requires 5 quarts of motor oil and the owner's manual recommends 5W-20, but you can add whatever weight suits you best. Make sure you have a funnel handy or you may end up spilling a little oil on your engine, and if you're too cheap to buy a funnel or don't have one handy, you can always cut the bottom off of an empty 1 quart oil container and use that as a funnel. With your refill complete, replace the oil filler cap and you're done.

And remember! Always recycle your used motor oil! Many automotive retailers (such as Advance Auto Parts) offers free recycling services for used motor oil.

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