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This is the main Maintenance page. You can add any maintenance solutions that you have found, that would benefit others.




Heating and Cooling





1. Remove hubcap and loosen drive axle/hub nut (30 mm) ¼-turn. Loosen lug nuts, raise vehicle, and support securely on jack stands, placed under the sub frame. Remove front wheel.

2. Loosen, but do not remove, three upper strut mounting nuts (13 mm).

3. Remove speed sensor wiring guide clip and brake hose bracket from strut.

4. Disconnect stabilizer bar link nut (18 mm) from the strut bracket.

5. Remove steering knuckle:

a. Remove brake caliper, pads, caliper mounting bracket, and disc. Support caliper with a piece of wire.

b. Detach tie-rod end from steering knuckle, by removing and discarding cotter pin, loosening nut on tie-rod ball stud, and separating tie-rod end from steering knuckle with a puller.

c. Remove ABS wheel speed sensor mounting bolt, then move sensor out of the way.

d. Disconnect control arm from steering knuckle, by removing nut and using a puller to separate ball joint.

e. Remove drive axle/hub nut (discard) and push drive axle from hub, using a two-jaw puller. Grasp axle shaft in one hand and pull hub and strut assembly out to separate nose of CV joint from hub. Suspend axle with a piece of wire or rest it on the control arm. Don’t let it hang free, because this can overextend and damage inner CV joint.

f. Mark relationship of strut to steering knuckle, which will simplify assembly.

g. Remove strut-to-steering knuckle pinch bolt.

h. Wiggle knuckle and hub assembly off the strut. Tap assembly off strut with a brass hammer, if necessary.

i. Remove hub and bearing from steering knuckle, if necessary.

6. Support strut and remove three upper strut mounting nuts.

7. Guide strut and spring assembly out of wheel well.


1. Install strut, with studs extending up through the shock tower, and loosely tighten nuts.

2. Install steering knuckle:

a. Install hub and bearing, if it was removed.

b. Install knuckle and hub assembly onto end of strut, aligning blade on the strut with pinch joint in the knuckle. Align index mark made in Step 5f.

c. Install strut-to-steering knuckle pinch bolt, but do not tighten at this time.

d. Install drive axle into hub.

e. Pull down on control arm and insert ball joint stud into steering knuckle. Install ball joint nut and tighten 50 to 67 lb.-ft.

f. Tighten strut-to-steering knuckle pinch bolt 84 lb.-ft.

g. Attach tie-rod end to the steering knuckle arm. Tighten 35 lb.-ft.; then, align the next castellation in the nut with the cotter in hole by further tightening.

h. Install disc, caliper mounting bracket, pads, and caliper. Tighten caliper mounting bracket bolts 65 to 87 lb.-ft. and tighten caliper mounting bolts 25 lb.-ft.

i. Install new drive axle/hub nut and tighten it securely, but not fully yet.

3. Connect stabilizer bar link-to-strut, tightening the nut 62 lb.-ft. Tighten stabilizer bolt 42 lb.-ft.

4. Connect wiring clip and brake hose bracket to strut.

5. Tighten three upper strut mounting nuts 27 lb.-ft.

6. Install wheel and lug nuts. Lower vehicle and tighten lug nuts 85 lb.-ft. Tighten drive axle/hub nut 186 lb.-ft. Pump brake pedal several times to seat brake pads.







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