Perfomance Modifications for the 3.0 Vulcan

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This page will tell you a lot about producing extra power from the 3.0 Vulcan motor found in all of the Generation of Taurus/Sable.
A lot of people have asked me what I have done and what can they to do make more power from the underdog Vulcan motor. I will make a list here of mod's with explanation of them and difficulty for the average do it yourself-er. First and foremost, let us all remember that MAINTAINECE is the best way to keep your engine producing power, and running. Do oil changes, flush your coolant, and follow all of the manufacturer's guidelines for replacing things.

  • Easy mod's (anyone can do this with a decent set of tools)
    • 60mm Throttle Body
      • For this mod make sure you get an earlier duratec throttle body, and you can swap it very easily. It’s completely plug and play.

    • Cold Air Intake
      • There are many ways to do this, and it is mostly for sound. The best way for a relatively stock motor is to get a K&N filter and remove the intake silencer (see other wiki article) but if you want a little more bling, get some 2.5" or 3" pipe and run it into the fender. Make sure you keep your filter clean.

    • Aftermarket Spark Plug Wires/Plugs
      • This is more a maintenance item than anything, but a wire like Taylor Spiro Pro, and Plugs like NGK TR6's or Autolite that are properly gapped will make your motor feel a bit peppier if you haven’t changed them in awhile.

    • Aftermarket Ignition Coil/Distributor
      • Same as above, but the Coil will make your idle feel much smoother if your stock coil is worn

  • Medium mod's (if you have a weekend and a Haynes/Chilton's Manual, as well as a good set of tools, you can do these) **

    • Underdrive Pulley
      • It is pretty easy, but under medium since air tools are necessary if you don’t want to bust your knuckles) Gives you a much smoother engine and nicer idle

    • Roller Rockers
      • This is one of the better mods for the Vulcan. (See other wiki article for install) These will allow the engine to rev smoother and quicker, and keep it from building as much heat. You will definitely feel the difference.

    • Cat back Exhaust
      • The best setup I have found is your stock back to the resonator, and the G3 SHO rear Y pipe. I used no mufflers because a bit of noise is good to me, but if you’re not all for the noise, a set of turbo mufflers or flowmaster/ect mufflers will work well. Frees up the top end a tiny bit.

    • Tuning
      • This is something you want to do when you have done quite a few mods. This will teach your computer a few new tricks, and allow you to achieve the full potential of your mods. It will also help with shifting and other things. Paul Nimz (SHOZ123) is a very reputable SCT tuner on the forums, and one that I trust to tune my setup.

  • Hard/Expert Modifications (Your going to get dirty here, parts will be removed from your engine, modified and replaced. Find a friend who has experience and make sure you know what you’re getting into and how long it’s going to take before starting. A full set of normal/air tools is required, and a few specialty tools are necessary for some)

    • Upper and Lower Intake Porting
      • Your engine is basically an air pump. If you can get more air in, it will work better and make more power. Porting and Polishing involves removing both intakes, cleaning them, removing the casting flaws in the runners, shaping them to flow better, gasket matching, and polishing to a nice semi-smooth finish. This is very time consuming.

    • Head Porting
      • Same principal as above, but if you don’t do it right.... bad things. The Idea here is to optimize the flow, and gasket match. Casting flaws get removed, and the Exhaust port will be HIGHLY polished.

    • Stroker kit/ Boring the block/ Forged Pistons/ Ect.
      • All of these will be incredibly time consuming (weeks). Most will require a machine shop to do work on different parts, and then final assembly. Good for building power, but not very cost efficient, and not an option if this is your only car.

Well that’s the list that I can think of right now. I will add to this as I figure out more mods. Feel Free to PM me on the forums and I will be happy to help you out!
Ken Perrone
Dedragonknight (on the forums)

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