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Many Taurus owners ask what brand of oil filter is recommended for their car. Here's a list.

There are only five filter manufacturers in North America that I know of. They are sold under numerous brands.



Standard Purolators are decent filters at a very good price. Along with the Purolator brand, they're also sold as PowerFlo, ProLine, and MicroGard, among others. They all share part numbers, the side brands just have an extra letter at the beginning,

Purolator also makes Motorcraft filters for Ford. Same as the standard Purolator (except the Purolator doesn't say Ford on it!) but with Motorcraft part numbers (found in your owner's manual).

Bosch filters in North America are also manufactured by Purolator, but with Bosch's part numbers.

They also make a higher-grade "PureONE" filter.


Dana makes Wix filters, along with the NAPA and CarQuest brands. More expensive, good quality. Wix makes filters for air,oil,hydrulic oil,cooling system fluids,motor oils and fuels.


Baldwins (and the functionally identical Hastings) are high-grade filters generally designed for trucks and heavy equipment. They do make filters for our applications.

Champion Labs

Champion Laboratories makes two filter designs. One is a good quality filter, the other is cheap and should be avoided.

The good ones are sold as K&N and Mobil 1, and it appears that some AC Delcos are still made of this design. All the rest are poor filters and should be avoided. The telltale sign is a flat backplate cover over the actual backplate (the inlet/outlet part of the filter).


The infamous Fram filters are also sold as Pennzoil and Quaker State, and probably others. These are unfortunately very popular filters in spite of how bad they are. Poor filter media, cardboard end caps... don't use them.

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