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Ok before I get started..the main thing is patience......don't go painting it then touching it soon after...Is it dry yet? Is it dry yet? know what Im talking about...I do it TO This HOW-TO can be used to paint your factory alloys or aftermarket aluminum rims!

Helpful tools:

  • Sanding disc attachment for Drill
  • Fine sand disc {160 grit..They usually come Course, Medium and Fine labled right on the you need not worry about the # of the Grit }
  • Masking Tape {both wide and narrow}
  • Primer [ if paint black then black primer..if white then wht prm if silver or grey then grey particular brand....the cheapest primer will do]
  • Paint [ whatever color you wish, ENGINE Paint would be a safer choice but not necessary. [ for this..get a known brand like duplicolor]
  • Clear Coat [ get good brand like duplicolor or even Krylon...this is optional and depends on color you chose to paint rim ]



NOTE: The following instructions is based on how I painted my rims...I used Engine paint Black...NO clear coat because it came out glossy. If you attempt to paint your rims Silver...don't use Engine paint silver because it is to'll need a "Automotive Body Paint Shade of Silver" and then You WILL need to Clear Coat Rims :


  1. Take wheels OFF of car obviously!
  2. Clean rims with "SPRAY NINE" cleaner/degreaser , front and back[found in supermarkets]
  3. Then clean with "AJAK" or any other sink/pot/pan powder cleaner
  4. Mask boarders not wanting to paint first with small tape then large areas with wide tape
  5. If painting entire rim then simply mask the tire only, best you can.
  6. Take sand disc with drill and "fine" disc and sand away the scratches on the Flat surfaces of rim
  7. Then sand rest of Flat surfaces even...feeling with hands for smoothness and even-ness
  8. Take another sand disc In your hand fold it in half and sand the rest of the rim to be painted
  9. Wipe dust off rims with damp cloth
  10. Lay rim flat on ground and Spray Primer...even strokes with can about 6" above rim"
  11. Have a piece of cloth handy and every so often; wipe excess paint from spray can nozzel
  12. Leave for about 15-20 minutes then apply another coat of Primer
  13. I painted the back of the spokes on the 17" Enkei's ALSO,so you can do same procedure for back
  14. Let dry for 20 minutes then put two coats of "YOUR COLOR" Paint at 20 minute intervals again
  15. IF Clear Coating...then follow same procedure as above with 20 minute intervals also.
  16. The Hard Part...Leave for 24 Hours before removing masking tape and Mounting on car
  17. For the record I left mine for Two days...only because I didn't have the Tuner lugs to mount it after the first day
    • If you mess up then leave it for at least two days to cure before trying to sand down again an paint errors.

Rims Before:


Rims After:


Thanks to Nyron, AKA Jerzy-Stylz for this mod

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