Gen 4 Mesh Grille

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Aluminum gutter guard (available in a roll from Home Depot)

Hot glue gun

Tin snips

Small wire cutters

1. Remove the grille from the car, and then remove the chrome spear from the grille (it's held on by 4 clips molded into the back of the spear).

2. Cut the gutter guard slightly longer than the grille, and it's already slightly wider than the grille is tall straight from the roll.

3. Cut slits in the gutter guard for the clips on the back of the chrome spear. The middle post behind the Ford oval fits through one of the holes in the mesh.

Make sure it's straight when cutting these slits, or the grille will look funny and lopsided and we don't want that!

4. Reattach the spear to the grille with the mesh sandwiched in the middle.

5. With everything clipped back together, bend the mesh around the edge of the grille. Then cut the excess mesh off, leaving just enough to bend all the way around the edge of the grille to hold it all together, but not enough to leave it looking sloppy later.

6. Do this all the way around the grille. The top and bottom of the grille don't have enough excess to tuck around, so bend it even with the edge of the front of the grille, and tack it with small drops of hot glue just enough to hold it in place.

7. Finally remove all the rest of the excess mesh and reinstall the grille in the car...none of it touches the paint, so no scratching

8. Admire your new mesh grille :)

--Ford_ses 16:57, 23 May 2006 (EDT)

Update: Here's a link to my forum writeup with pics. [ --Ford_ses 21:07, 26 June 2006 (EDT)]

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