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During the timing cover gasket replacement (leaking coolant at the passenger fender side of the engine) I had to remove the oil pan to replace it's gasket since that's part of the procedure. Getting the oil pan off is impossible since the front head's catalytic converter is in the way of the pan. After trying my hardest to get the nuts off the exhaust flanges at the dual cat y pipe, I succeeded to get the front two off. They weren't bad at all. I used an impact wrench. The others didn't look too hard either. But the rear head's flange......................... forget it. Those two nuts wouldn't budge. I managed to get an impact on one of them barely and it just rounded it right off. The other nut... not a chance. I could get a 15mm wrench on it but that wouldn't turn at all and there was no way to get any leverage back there (reaching from the top). After that nut also began to strip, I decided heck with it and grabbed the sawz-all (after 2 hours of working hard at getting them off with no luck and lots of reading). Anyways, with the front two nuts off, only one cut behind the cat and off it came. I made a nice clean cut.

So, in less than 5 minutes I could have been done. Lesson learned. I guess I didn't want to have to bring it to an exhaust shop. But $20 for a pro weld is much better than a bunch more hours and no luck getting these nuts broken loose.

My advice to others, if you can't get them to budge, leave them. Grab the sawz-all and get it welded later. It'll save you Lots of grief and you can go on with the job at hand.


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