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Y-pipe Removal On Duratec

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I've been having problems with an oil leak. If I end up needing to replace the pan gasket then the Y-pipe must come down. I am not seeing how one gets the nuts off the rear bank pipe. Any suggestions from someone who has done this?
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Have a shop fix your leak, its a b**** to get the nuts off the exhaust. Alot of times they are rusted on pretty good.

I just replaced the oil pan gasket without taking off my ypipe on my 94 3.0. The gasket is rubber. I dropped the oil pan as fas I could, pulled th old gasket out. Used a rag and wirped down the contact sides where the gasket will fit. I then slid the gasket ip ad around the outside of the oil pan and slid it into place. Fit very nicelye and was able to line up holes enough to get bolts to grab. Rechecked line up and bolted her down.
No runs, no drips, no errors.

Thanks for the comments
Several people have commented that the Vulcan is not too bad, but several other people have commented the the Duratec is an unpleasant job

I'll check with Sablerider for some more details.
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I did mine in the fall, i tried many different things to get that dam nut off! It was really really tight spot! Plus it cold out(michigan) Soooo, i tried putting the gasket on without dropping pan all the way! I was getting to much dirt and junk on it. I said, "piss on it"

and i cut pipe in half (where it was straight, so i could put it back together with coupling) so i could get oil pan all the way down. Then i dropped the pan and fixed it. After tightening up pan bolts, i took exhaust coupler and 2 clamps and put it back together. Good to go!!!

Its up to you to do it that way!
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