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I'm looking for a bumper, filler piece and taillight for the rear driver’s side of a 1992 Taurus sedan. It is a regular Taurus, NOT a SHO and it’s the 'Old Man Tan' color. I'm trying to find tan parts so I don't have to paint them. The bumper is the non-painted/dull looking style which is more of a brown color compared to the rest of the car. Almost positive that 92’-95’ are interchangeable, but correct me if I’m wrong. Don’t know why but I'm having a hard time finding these in my area. I live in Milwaukee but drive throughout the Midwest for my job frequently and would rather pick them up if possible to save on shipping.

If anybody has something of that nature please let me know. I have pictures if needed.



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The tail light and filler piece (the body panel that goes in between the tail light and bumper) can be had on ebay pretty cheaply. The lights should be easier to find as they don't need to be in a specific color and the shipping usually comes out to around $10 or so.

Tail lights from a 92-95 SHO also works (not sure about the filler piece, bumper is definitely different).
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