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Bob, when the new batch of Phenolic spacers become available I would be very interested in one from you. I'm always game for more power out of my Vulcan, to put down some local ricers when the time comes. (safely of course)

I'm also interested in Gen 3 Taurus grey floor mats. Mine are generic, and worn out, so I would like a nice pair for spring summer fall, and these for the winter.

I'm also curious as to where I could find a "door" for my center console/6th/middle seat (non floor shift) One dealer I had went to blew me off, and trhe local junkyards had no Gen 3's.

(Edited to add in that..) I'm also looking for an automatic antenna for my Gen 3, as stated above I haven't yet found one due to no Gen 3's in the local yards.

Thanks guys

Nick Saturday
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