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Wiring Help!

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Hey everyone, I have a 98 Sable (Premium Sound) and I was wondering something. Which wires are the ones for the Defrosters?? It's pissing me off cause the previous owners did a crappy job on wiring the thing together. Of course I went in and re wired the entire thing on my own. But now... I need some help! I cant seem to find out how to wire the defroster. I checked out Haynes, and all they have is the wiring diag. for a STANDARD set--up. I cant find it. Let me know (unless Im not looking at the right page on the haynes manual) But anyway... let me know. Also I was wondering if anyone had an extra Light Strip for the HVAC Controls. Cause mine seemed to take a crap on me. lol, thanks again
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The rear defroster? Or the heater/AC/defroster?
Sorry I should of specified. It's for the REAR DEFROSTER.
here is the wire diagram you need.


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