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I installed my harness today. Went to test it out and surprise no lights. Double checked all connections. Got the multimeter out and tested. I have voltage at the inline fuse on harness. I have voltage at the orange (new) connector. There are three wires to the connector that goes to the headlamp. I'm getting 12 volts at all three. That seems to be the problem. One of them should be ground and I shouldn't measure voltage. So my money is on the fact that I have no ground. I didn't have time to test with a jumper wire.
My running lights came on and I could here the new relays clicking.

I have a 2000 Vulcan. Any one else with a similar bull who had to modify the harness or add a ground please chime in. There is Blue, White and Black wire going to the headlamp connector. All showing voltage. The drivers side is connected to my existing wire. I have seen some harnesses with an external ground. Mine didn't.

I'm thinking that I will just clip the black wire and from the headlamp connector and ground it. Of course, I will use a jumper wire to confirm first.
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