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What are you installing?

1996-97 Ford Taurus Security Information
Constant 12V+ Yellow or Light Green/Purple Ignition Switch Harness
Starter Red/Light Blue Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition Red/Light Green Ignition Switch Harness
Ignition 2 Gray/Yellow Ignition Switch Harness (Blower Motor)
Ignition 3 Red/Black Ignition Switch Harness (AC)
Accessory Red/Light Blue Ignition Switch Harness (Heat AC)
Tach Yellow/Black Multi Coil (Tan/Yellow Passenger's Firewall PCM 48)
Neutral Safety Wire Not Grounding OEM Switch opens Starter Circuit
Brake Switch Red/Green Brake Switch
Trunk Release Gray/Red (+) Switch w/Keyless Module Pink/Yellow (-)
Trunk Pin Black/Pink (-) Trunk Light (Wagon White/Purple right Cargo)
Parking Lights Brown (+) In Harness near Fuse Panel, left of under Dash
Head Lamp Red/Yellow (+) Light Switch
Hood Pin n/a
Factory Disarm Pink/White (-) Driver's Kick Panel
Door Trigger Black/Light Blue Courtesy Light or in Same Harness as Lights.
Door Lock Pink/Yellow (-) Driver's Kick Panel below Fuse Panel
Door Unlock Pink/Green (-)
Horn Wire Purple/Orange (-) Steering Column 4 Pin Connector
Windows Up LF=White/Black, RF=White/Yellow, LR=Yellow/Blue, RR=Yellow/Black
Windows Down LF=Orange/White, RF=Tan/Blue, LR=Gray/Orange, RR=Red/Black
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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