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Hey all. '97 Sable GS. Wipers just quit on me a couple days ago. For a little while, there were intermediate speed issues, and when set to low, sometimes it would still be intermediate. The washer pump button would delay for a while, then it wouldn't work at all unless the wipers were turned off. I was staring at the wiring diagrams at work (shh) and it looks like they have separate relays, but they both pass through the GEM. I just went out and cleaned the MFS, and checked all the relays and fuses, which are good, and still no luck. Last night after work, I mashed in the pump button and spammed the speed selector (I don't know the proper name for that knob) up and down, which rewarded me with one swing of the wipers, then back to nothing, so I know the motor is still good. The hazard lights, signals, and high/low beams still work great, so I don't suspect the internal workings of the MFS. I won't be able to replace the GEM until Tuesday (Ontario decided to make Monday a holiday, just to inconvenience me) and wipers are a bit of a safety issue.

Can you guys think of anything else that might cause this?
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