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Today morning at 5 am i had to leave for work and was warming up the car in the cold. I turned on the windshield wiper to clear the snow. the windshield wiper went 1/2 way up and then got stuck. So i decided to clear the snow manually (something i did not enjoy doing) and drove to work with the stuck wiper on the windshield. At 1.00 pm after some thawing was done, i cleared all the ice near the wiper area and tried to bring the stuck wiper back to functional mode and nothing was happening? did the system break under load? Do i have to change the motor? did the motor blew? The Antifreeze Jet is working properly but i am not getting any responses from the wiper system itself. It still remains in the stuck position. Any ideas here to help me out ?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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