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Window Transfer Anybody?

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hey everyone, i have a question for ya. i had a 96 GL with tinted windows. unfortunately i wrecked it but the windows are all still intact. i just recently received a 99 and was wondering if i can take my tinted windows and put them in this newer taurus. will it work and how difficult would the install and work be.

one more thing. i'm also planning to take my sony HU off my 96 into the 99. where do i get the so called "keys" to remove my stock HU off the 99?
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sweet, thanks for the help!!!
Originally posted by tjm73@Apr 12 2004, 12:29 PM
You could, but WHY?!?!?!? It'd be a hell of a lot cheaper to just tint the windows in the 99. You'll pay labor to remove the tinted ones (bettter hope they don't break and the tint isn't scratched). You'll pay labor to remove the 99 windows and then you'll pay labor to install the 96 windows. Add that labor cost up and you'll see it's cheaper to just have the existing windows tinted.

And I doubt you'll find a place willing to do the swap. It just doesn't make any sense.
the reason i posted was not because i would have someone else do the work. why ask if i could just go to a shop and they could tell me? i'm planning to do this all myself. and you are right, it doesn't make sense to do it unless u do it yourself. come on man, i'm not that crazy!!!
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true.... i'd have to watch someone install tint before i would experiment on my own car though. but i figured i'd just do the transfer instead of shelling out $225 for another tint job. i had 15% all the way around, *illegal*, which is why it cost so much...
hmmmmm.... 15% or 5% i can't recall at the moment...
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Originally posted by the_spy_guy@Apr 12 2004, 06:20 PM
its not worth it...i totaled my 99 with thinted windows and was gonna move em to my new 99 untill i found you have to drill out rivits in the glass

i don't get it??? if it was from a 99 to a 99 shouldn't they just swap???? shouldn't they be the exact same windows. what are the rivets for???
Originally posted by Qwertz9586@Apr 12 2004, 06:38 PM
I think the riviets are for holding the glass to the "elevator".
why wouldn't they already have the rivets in them??
Originally posted by the_spy_guy@Apr 12 2004, 07:27 PM
lol....ok, you have to take the glass out of the door.....the glass is attached to the door using 2 rivits. You need to use a drill and drill the center of the rivit out, move the windo to the new car then use bolts to attach it to the new car......

Even at that, you cant move the rear window, so that would have to be retinted anyways.

sorry man, never done or attempted this whole thing. don't have the slightest clue in the process. but essentially, *i'm taking u have some experience with this sort of a thing* i guess what i'm wondering is this. with the right tools, which i have access to, how difficult on a scale of 1-10 is this going to be. is it worth $225 to get my windows retinted instead of doing all this stuff in a weekend which wouldn't cost anyting. and yes, i knew i'd have to at least get the back retinted which would be minimal in cost. i'm trying to get input from everyone as to the best step i should take. thx for the help
Originally posted by hiddnen@Apr 12 2004, 08:31 PM
if you paid 225 for a tint job...i hope u got a new butt hole as well...cause some one just ripped you one. just get the new one tinted and be done with it...its not worth all the trouble....
i don't think i got ripped off... lifetime warranty on 5% all the way around, which is illegal BIG TIME... and it was an awesome job by my shop too... just my two cents...
Originally posted by hiddnen@Apr 13 2004, 09:06 AM
well since 5% is done here for a buck 30.... and you really cant have life time warranty on something that is illegal...cause i doubt they gave you a reciept. but im guessing you mean if something happens to it, the shop would replace it, same here. but maybe ur price is cheap in your area, in my area 5% cost 130.
YIKES!!!! $130 would probably get your back windows tinted, albeit not very dark around here. wish it was as cheap as it is for you man, that would be the shizzle, but unfortunately its not.

and by the way thx for all the replies to everyone.
Originally posted by hoss@Apr 13 2004, 09:27 AM
i think you may have paid a little high...  i paid $125 to have my car done and that has a lifetime warranty on it as well.  they have already re-done their work 4 times to make it perfect, and it is now flawless.

and 5% is DARK...  i hope i never drive near you at night
hehe!! very true, during the day its not bad. but on a dark night u have to be paying a lot of attention to whats goin on around ya.
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