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Window Transfer Anybody?

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hey everyone, i have a question for ya. i had a 96 GL with tinted windows. unfortunately i wrecked it but the windows are all still intact. i just recently received a 99 and was wondering if i can take my tinted windows and put them in this newer taurus. will it work and how difficult would the install and work be.

one more thing. i'm also planning to take my sony HU off my 96 into the 99. where do i get the so called "keys" to remove my stock HU off the 99?
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It was b**** enough to replace one window in a simple geo metro....

I'd just pay to get your new ones retinted.

Doing it yourself:
Time, Patients, Beer, Steady Hands, Door Hooks(Christmas Trees), The pain in the a** of getting the busted christmas trees out, even more patients getting everything on track. Risking breaking $300-$1500 peices of Glass
, possibility of hurting yerself
(car glass hurts like a b****...trust me on that).

Getting it done....
They break it they gotta buy it

Choice of better or different color tint

I think its a little obvious
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