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Window And Door Lock Switchs

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Has anyone switched thier window and door lock switchs? I have a few questions about it. Where did you get your LEDs? I got mine from oznium.com. I was just wondering if anyone used this website. Also how do I know which side of the LED is + and which is -? Also how do I know which side of the switch is + and which is -? Please help me. Thanks.
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Don't tell me I'm the only person who is thinking about this...there's at least one person who has done this. I just need a lil' help please. Thank you.
I am far from being an expert on LEDs, but I am working on a project for my car.
The LEDs can be + or _ they can be wired either way. Similar to a light bulb.
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nope....leds are directional....the longer lead is positive, the shorter is negitive. If i remember correctly,the side with the resistor in the swich was positive, but dont quote me.

Make sure you cut the leads off on the back side as SHORT AS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE. otherwise when you put the swich back together, the leads will touch the swich contacts and burn out the led's.

Yes ive done this mod...first peoson to do it (if you searched the archives, you would find a 8 page article on it.)

Found Here


PS theres more pics in the superford acct.
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