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Wind Noise Right Bottom Corner Of Windshield.

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I have tried to figure out what is the problem with my 00 Taurus, but I can't seem to find the cause.
In the bottom right corner of the winshield I am getting wind noise when I drive above 35-40MPH, it gets a bit louder when I do 65, but not that much.
I have tried to look for cracks, leaks, found nothing.
I tried to put some polyurethane behind the cabin filter, no help.
Any advice?
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I have this problem as well, but I notice it when the sppeds are higher, like 85-90+mph. It sounds almost like a humming or hissing noise. I know that it is not "just normal air pressure" noises. It seems like the windshield seal leaks, but I have yet to find anything, dealer "won't test" that fast. Anyone with any ideas?
BTW, mine too comes from the lower pass. side corner.
there was a recall on certian gen 4's for this issue.....

I dont know about the dealer driving it at those speeds to verify the problem, but I'm sure there may be some places around you with a windtunnel which can verifty it.

Supposedly that is what the dealer took my old 95 se when it had wind noise from the pass window.
I don't get a hissing shound on my 03' but I get a weird cracking sound. Once in a while when I am driving, but usually when I stop at a light it does this. I hear it about ever other day or so, since the day I bought the car. Also, the windshild isn't centered perfectly, so I wonder if it was replaced before the car even got to the dealer and the didn't put the glass on correctly.
My 97 just started doing this same noise after I replaced the cabin filter for the first time. Make sure the black cowl cover with the plastic fake screws is tightened down as tight as you can get it. One of the screws is broken on mine and it's the reason for the noise.
Yep, I just checked, looks like my "cowl" screwes are broken in some places. What do you think I can do about it? Should get some black tape and tape whatever needs to be, or should I try something else?
I think you may have to be creative. I went to Ford two weeks ago and the replacements I got from them were useless. They didn't match the original ones and they had the same Ford part number. Maybe someone else has created a good home remedy for it. I haven't tried tape yet.
I suppose mine has the same problem, just i never get too much wind noise. Rather, i get a mysterious fog on my windshield in the lower right hand corner sometimes. :blink:
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