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I bought a 2006 Taurus about a year ago. It was cheap and there turned out to be a reason!
Runs fine around town, any conditions, never overheats . . . until you drive at 48 - 50 mph then temp gauge goes up quickly and chime sounds if you don't get of the accelerator quick enough.
As soon as you slow down the gauge goes back to normal immediately.
You can drive all day at 45 mph but if you exceed about 48 mph this problem occurs.
Shame on me, we just use the car around town and I haven't figured it out yet.
About 155K
I replaced timing cover, water pump, belt, tensioner etc due to common timing cover leak.​
Flushed and replaced coolant with Motorcraft VC-7-B​
Thermostat not functioning properly, takes a long time to warm up​
I have a test kit for exhaust in coolant and heaven't done that yet​
No other signs of a head gasket problem​

To get to my point, I have Forscan but I'm not that familiar with it.
Will Forscan record any data or diagnosis when the high temperature chime occurs?
Thanks, John Kenneth

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^^^^ Yup!

Any chance the radiator is partly plugged with rust, etc? Vulcans love to plug radiators and heater cores with rust if the cooling system is not properly maintained.

If I remember correctly, you can monitor coolant temp using ETM (Engineering Test Mode) on the digital display at the bottom of the cluster. If you arent familiar with ETM, do a search here for info on how to use it. ETM will also display system volts, speed, and several other parameters.

Both the temp gauge and PCM get their temp data from the ECT, unlike the earlier Tauri that have a separate sending units for the PCM and the temp gauge.
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