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Why The Rip?

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I have a 97GL with a rip in the carpet near the driver side seat. It is about 4 inches in length. I have seen this same rip on a 96 Sable, and on this 97 SHO. Does anyone out there know what this is from?


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My best guess would be from the heel of the driver's shoe...

Perhaps there's a line of stress at that part of the carpet. Carpets are molded under pressure to conform to the contours of the floorpan.

Just my guess, though...
Could it be those plugs that sometimes cars have to hold the carpets down...its secured with a flat head screwdriver and a 1/4 turn?
I dont know. It almost looks like it was cut or something. No one else on the board has this problem?

bump. :)
That is the first gen3 SHO i have ever seen with cloth seats. I knew they existed, but I've never seen it up until now.
Well hurray for that. :) So much for my post. lol

I've got a 98 Taurus with the same problem, just not as huge as that 97 SHO, I've got it on the Drivers Side and the Passenger Side, it seems like it's from the carpet not being molded correctly to the floor, it seems to be higher in those corners instead of touching the floor beneath it. so because it's stretched over the area and not touching it's most likely to rip with the preasure of your heel.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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