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Where are you smelling the coolant????
In cabin, under hood, around the exhaust????

Maybe a slow heater core leak as has been suggested, especially if your smelling it in the cabin. Look at the AC condensate hose opening, if the heater core is leaking, you should find some signs there.

OR it could be a head gasket leak, if the smell is coming from the exhaust area.
The 3.8L has a history of head gasket leaks.

Maybe do a coolant system pressure test & see what happens.

There is a flourcent dye that can be added to the radiator, to circulate in the coolant, then you use a UV source in low light conditions to cause the dye to glow a bright yellow/green at the leak point, or where the dye as dried.

Most autoparts stores sell a kit to do this now days.

Let us know what you find.
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