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Who's good with some numbers? I've got a spreadsheet that I was hoping people might look at to check my math.

I want to add some larger wheels and tires. Of course, I know it's not that simple. Width, offset, clearance, tire circumference, and more all come into play. I found some websites that will do some of the calculations, but most show how much more tire goes inside, or it doesn't include the offset, or whatever. I wanted all the info. So, I created a spreadsheet. You just type in the original tire size, wheel size, and wheel offset. If it's a negative offset include the - sign. It'll show you everything converted to inches as well, and it'll give you the total height, inches of the rim on the inside of hub, and inches of the tire inside and outside of hub. You then can add tire and wheel combos you're considering (I've left space for up to 100 of them) and it will show you the difference in those totals, using the tire height and width and the wheel width and offset. It will of course be off by the thickness of the mounting surface of the wheel (I'd hope no one needs that close of a tolerance)

It's saved as an MS Excel file. The sheet is protected so you don't lose any of the formulas, but if you want to toy with it just unprotect the sheet - there is no password.

The spreadsheet is at: https://mega.nz/#!7ngSSCRZ!UKyUJlqVkwQMEDvIQzLKk4pGRRd7kNWtLRTHuecBbbQ

Let me know what you think.
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