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I did this recently, while I was doing a valve job I went ahead and changed the oil pan gasket at the same time.

I broke an exhaust bolt. Pretty common I guess. I did not use any PB Blaster, which many people here love. Maybe try using that and letting it soak in a day or two before you do the job. Maybe the bolt will still break, maybe it won't. Use anti-seize compound when you put the bolts back in. It helps when/if you need to take them back out later.

I broke the bolt off and had to drill the sucker out. Took a while.

With oil pan bolts, if you torque them down, be sure to read the specs. My Haynes manual says INCH pounds, not foot pounds. Big difference, do not overtighten.

Changing the oil pump is a possibility with higher miles. Mine has 90k, and I did not replace the oil pump. Some people would, some people wouldn't. Your call. Others may chime in about that, but I suspect most would say let it be if it's working.

Good luck.
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