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which side is bank 2?

I know you're all gonna laugh. but i've been going through the threads, and searching and stuff, and looking on google. the only thing i found that had something was a q&a thing and half the people said on the back (by the firewall) and the other half said on the front (by the radiator)

I had a P1151 come up for a bad o2 sensor bank 2 sensor 1.
I thought it was the one on the back of the motor up near the top so i replaced that one, reset my CEL and 20-30 miles later it popped back on...

I'm tryin to get this to pass emissions, but i think i just put the new o2 sensor in the wrong bank.

The guy at the parts store told me it was the 'right' side of the motor.
that gives me no help because the position of the engine.
I told him i only have a front or back side, and he looked at me a little questionably and said that it was 'probably' on the back.

anyway. a quick answer would be great.

Bank 2 near the back (firewall) or the front (radiator)???
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