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Which Color?

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My father owns a Ford dealership and I am about to buy a nice, cheap used Taurus off the lot for a daily driver.

He has two identical cars except for the exterior color. One is white, the other is dark blue. Both are 2000 model year cars. I like the blue, but the white is nice also. Blue car has about 3000 fewer miles. Besides that, these car are exactly the same. White can be a troublesome in the salty winter states like NY. Dark blue looks sharp when cleaned up.

The white car has a SES badge on the back. Blue car has a SE badge. Neither has a wing and they have the same equipment. Both are grey inside, have console shift, same radio, same everything. And when I say they have the same stuff, I mean they have the SAME stuff. What's the difference between a SE and SES supposed to be anyway?

Which color should I get?
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You can get the duratech engine in the Ses. Also I believe you can get the sport packag in the Ses where you can't on the Se. But dont quote me on that.

I would personally go with the blue. Are you sure its a white interior and not a Grey one? I also live in NY (near Syracuse), I have the 2001 Ses with a Grey interior. Only problem I can see with the blue is being able to see salt more, but it does hide dirt better.
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Originally posted by mth676@Apr 12 2004, 01:11 PM
Are you sure its a white interior and not a Grey one?
Look again. I said both cars have grey interiors.
Grey is the only interior color I'll consider. And NEVER tan. I hate tan interiors...almost as much as I hate green exteriors. (don't mean to offend anyone, just hate those colors)

They are identical except the blue vs white exterior color. Both have the DOHC motor.

I'm definitly leaning towards blue myself.
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I'd definitely go with the blue...esp since it has less miles. Have fun with whichever one you pick though.
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I figure that the white one is a later 2000 model when they got more specific with the trim levels, but if the cars are identical save for the exterior and 3000 miles i would go with the blue one even though it is most likely an early 2000 Model. The early 2000s had the same trim levels as the 99 but with the new body style.

A vulcaneer fighting for the Duratec name?

It brings a tear to my eye

Anyway, get the blue. White == conformity, its the number one selling color out there (plus, it gives Tauruses that uncool fleet look.) Plus, blue gen4's are hot stuff.
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white makes it look like a rental car. Go for the blue. Its a more rare color, and its very classy.
This may just be an urban legend or a rumor, but I've heard that white cars are cheaper to insure and less likely to be spotted in speed traps.
Not sure about the 2000 model year, but the SES version on 2001 and up have antilock brakes as standard equipment. Also for 2001, SES models had a CD player instead of a tape player. Not sure regarding the 2000 model year. At any rate, my vote is for blue.
mikehawk, I'd buy that white cars are cheaper to insure because white cars are actually the easiest to spot on the road, because the white stands out the best in a variety of situations, thats why a lot of emergency vehicles (ambulences, some fire trucks, and a lot of Houston police cars) are white. So with that in mind, they'd probably be less likely run into, but more likely stopped for speeding.

Edit: I forgot to put my color vote in: Go for the BLUE, I love my blue taurus!
And I dont see a bunch of them around-like every one else is saying. Happy Taurus buying.
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Originally posted by mikehawk@Apr 13 2004, 07:15 AM
This may just be an urban legend or a rumor, but I've heard that white cars are cheaper to insure and less likely to be spotted in speed traps.
Easier to see would mean that insurance would be lower, like Grnmonkey3 said, but color shouldn't have an effect on the speed traps. Radar measures the shift in frequency of a wave shot at the car (depends on the wave band), and laser figures out the time between when it shot the light and it's return. Neither should be affected by the color of the car, although a white car could theoretically mess up a laser gun...
bluuuuuuuuuuueee. As for the comment on tan interioirs....I like my tan it hides mud, salt, dirt, the occasional back seat fun rather well
As for the green exterior..I have that too...I always said I'd never buy a big green car....well s***, i guess i messed up somewhere.
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Service Engine?

SES....Service Engine Soon?

SEL...Service Engine Loser!

GL..... Good Looks

LX........Long.....yeah anyways........................


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Overwhelming support for the blue car here. It's SE and DOHC. Someone asked about that.

I've decided to pursue the blue car (even before I came back to check on this thread).

Plan is....

Eibach Springs
24mm Front Sway Bar
26mm Rear Sway Bar
17x7 Wheels
225/50r17 Tires
Maybe Tint Windows
Definitly Find a Wing
Mayber put a fancy looking Magnaflow single Stainless Steel muffler on it. Like this one....

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I may be a bit biased though.

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