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Where Is The Iat Sensor?

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I bought one of those cheap little transistors that I want to put in my IAT sensor but im not sure where it is. Im not even sure if it is going to work. If you have one installed please let me know.
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First of all, Welcome to the club!

Those resistors are not good for your car and it is not recommended that you put this in your car. I am moving this to our Performance and Aftermarket section of the site since this is considered a question about an aftermarket part. But, like I said it is not a good idea to put this in your car.

Also, we recommend that you use the search function of our site to find information you may be looking for. If you use this fuction you will find answers to many commonly asked questions, I'm sure there are some posts about this modification you are talking about.

Also, please carefully look over our site layout to be sure your post is going into the correct forum. You placed this in the ROTB forum, which is for our annual Running of the Bulls event, so please watch where you post in the future.

Once again, welcome to the club! Enjoy! :)
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I tried a resistor chip on my Gen IV i'm sorry to say didn't work, threw a check engine light..... AND I had to buy a new MAF sensor which is not CHEAP!! Gen IV = 2000-current
It won't ruin your MAF, because it has no relation to the speed and volume of air, unless you physically play with the sensor, but modifying your IAT will cause you to dump more fuel. It will work at first, but once your cats get clog due from unburnt fuel, you will dump more and more fuel over time. In which this will cause your O2 sensors to fail and burn out. Your emissions will go through the roof and I guarantee you will not pass smog.

There are some systems that will allow you to turn it off or enable you to control the resistance, which you would be able control the fuel to air mixture, but even these systems are prone to failure and there is no proof that these items even work. You might hear rumors, theroies, and opinions about these mods, but little fact.
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