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Drum brakes need to have the wheel cylinder replaced with new shoes. New shoes make the cups go back into old dirty and rusting places in the bore. They will leak.
There is no chance existing brake line nuts will turn on the tubing. You can remove the old cylinder and remove the bolt attaching the hose to the strut, pull the cylinder out to where it can be unscrewed from the nut. Of course new cylinder will not come out even, but you can turn it to fit. If it is closer to clockwise, turn the cylinder. If closer to counter clockwise, use the nut wrench on the nut. When the cylinder is bolted in you can hand bend the tubing to let the hose return to position. If it has been done before, little chance to make it work. Option is new line. Right side shown is ~$17 from RA. Left is more.
However: note the right side is two different sizes of fittings. Left side is the same size, 10mm on both end. On the left, you can buy stock 3/16" line with 10mm x 1mm pitch and bend your own. On the right side, highly likely no lines/fittings available.
Or, you can just choose to buy new lines and save yourself lots of pain.
Fluid leaks will cause rust because fluid attracts moisture. In the case in the picture, the parking brake lever was rusted to the rear shoe so it had to be pried apart. Springs well rusted. Cylinder was leaking.


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