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Hi all. Life sucks here. I'm driving my car down the road. Suddenly my "heat" isn't so hot. Then the engine starts to overheat. I open the hood to find most of my water in the reservoir. There are signs of water pouring out of the reservoir. I vent the radiator, and find pretty much no water in the entire system. I have spent a day changing the thermostat (twice), and venting the system to get the air out. There was quite a bit. I am on my last straw. Is it possible the reservoir drain hose is kinked, and the pressure will force water up and out, but not back it? Can my Rad. cap be faulty, and not allow pressure to vent properly. I know when I relieve pressure on the system, water starts to bubble from the reservoir. What a friggin mess. I've been told "head" or "gasket", but that is not an expense I can deal with right now. I have not noticed any huge amounts of water in my last oil change. Any ideas?!

3.8....104,000miles. No known problems to this point.

please email me ..... [email protected] with any responses. I am in a jam.

God bless

Wade F
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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