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What The F#&* Is Under My Dash!

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It's got aftermarket wires crimped into the larger wires going to the white box above the accelerator. It's also got a valet switch hanging there with brown wires, and a red/black set of small wires with a small red plug attached to it.

The bottom of the dash directly above the pedals has two small holes drilled into it, 2 to 3 inches apart where it looks like it had something mounted there, and was removed. The harness also has two large, 1 1/2-2" flat connectors as the other end of what was there.

What is this stuff? The keyless entry is working fine- was it at some time supposed to have remote start, and maybe they started installing it on the wrong car?


I can't find the keyless code for the doors, either- am I in the right spot looking for it? Dealer didn't have the code, and the card was gone. They want me to come back and they will get it, but why wait 3,000 miles for the free oil change?!?
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Maybe the vehicle was used to tow something. I know some vehicles have a box there for the trailer's lights. The white box, I think, is the chime module. What's a valet switch?

I think the keyless codes are somewhere in the trunk.
I have a white box above the dead pedal for the keyless entry. It's the "brains" of the system. You sure this isn't the keyless entry module?
I have pics, but the file size is under 100kb, and it says I cannot upload this type of file...

They are .jpg's- what gives?

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It is most likely the left overs of the dealer installed alarm system to prevent theft on the lot.
Hmmm... Didn't know they did that- but it does make sense. It is remains from some alarm system. I'll just tuck it up and zip tie it...


She's going in for tint at noon!
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