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What Next For "the"

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"THE" Specs and mods. I am wanting to enter it into some shows this summer. So do not hold back.

1996 Merc. Sable. Vulcan
Loaded with everything except leather.

Audio & Security;
Alpine Head Unit
Alpine Subs and Infinite internal Speakers w/ 750w Streat Machine amps.
New Remote and LEDs in Turn signals for alarm
Proximity sensor
Viper Security 790VX

17" Arelli Jovans w/ Nitto
Carbon Fiber Gas Door with chrome trim
Cloth Black Rag Top
HID Bulbs
Tinted Windows

Snake Eyes

Bosch Platinum +4
K&N Panel Filter Charger
Dual Exhaust with Magna Flow Mufflers
Tornado Fuel Saver

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pimp lookin ride man. I'm diggin the rag top look, not too many around! How about some white LED's on the side skirts?
Shining down or outward?
outward.... i had the idea to spread them out evenly kinda like running lights, but more liike a limo look....hard to explain
like a rope light? thats not a bad idea. thanks
ack... more elegant than rope light... perhaps molding the LEDs into the sideskirt
lol, "like" rope lights, I just turned my center piece into a switch box. so i am looking to put stuff to it the LED's would be perfect.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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