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How does one do that?
I recently discovered Forscan (probably be a lot more fun once I figure out why my turn signals stopped staying on) though I have an SEL and it didn't come with too much from the factory so I'm curious as to how I can add OEM features such as blind spot monitoring, auto dimming headlights, front parking assists, etc.
Let me know if I have this wrong but you really just need the physical equipment such as sensors and such and the module to power/control said sensors if the modules not already installed on my car. Then just enable everything in ForScan?

If it's really that easy, where can one find what all you need for things like that. For example if I wanted to add cross-traffic alert. Would I need more sensors and/or modules or could I just use the sensors that are being used for parking assist? There's got to be a website for stuff like this...

Here's my "As-Built" setup if that helps anyone. (
Thanks everyone in advance.


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