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What Drives 2x 1000w Rms Subs?

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If someone had

(2) Rockford Fosgate RFR3112 POWER HX2 12" Subs...

2000w Peak. 1000w RMS (500 per coil) in a ported Box...

What would be the a good AMP to use with them? and would it be bridged or not?

Once again I would like to thank everyone for their input. =]

Im probaby gunna be deaf soon... but im loving it!! :banana:
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As much power as your wallet and electrical system can stand.

First tip: stay away from any brands that advertise their power as "Maximum Watts".
bought an optima yellow top.... considering an alternator

this is going to be done... slowly... over loooooong periods of time! lol

I just know where i can get those 2 Subs for decent price
(500 CDN in a ported box).. and that prolly saves me some based on the prices ive seen ( Ebay sucks here cause shipping is BRUTAL for HEAVY a** speakers!)
I personally have a Boss High Current amp. It is stable down to .5 ohms and puts out 2000 watts per channel at that resistence rating. It cost about $350. It puts out 1500 watts at 1 ohm. 1000 watts at 2 ohms and 800 watts at 4 ohms IIRC.

But I am looking at purchasing an Orion 2400 watt Monoblock.
How much did you pay for your optima?
Are you getting these subs used or retail? If they are used I wouldn't buy them simply based on the fact that it is impossible to find out how they have been treated in the past.
They are brand new... never used.. Apparently they are "last Seasons" model... the new ones are called Power T1 and Power T2 models. So the audio shop is willing to let em go. I told him i would buy em if hed give em to me for 500 In a box. (I saw them on ebay for around 100 US ea but shipping kills me)

the optima cost 195 CDN. Im hoping it stops my lights from dimming
Make sure you upgrade your charging cable ( the one from alt - batt and ur ground) There might be one more but Im not sure. You will still see dimming unfortuneatly. I did even after I upgraded the battery and wiring, and adding a second. It was not nearly as noticeable and my voltage wouldn't drop below 11.7 (before the second battery it dropped to 9.7 and amps would shut off grrr)
I believe a CAP would help him also.
Unlikely. I have used them when i had a 2200watt system (rms) and they make no difference in the blinkity blink
JBL's monoblock series are excellent amps for high powered systems. I had a friend that was running 4 12" Cerwin Vega, Vega series, off of 2 mono blocks and hit a 141 in a dB drag with the gains turned down and then blew one of the 12's in his second run with the gain turned halfway up.
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