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What All Can A Chip Do For My Ax4s Trans?

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Say I get a chip from Alberto, or Apten. What specifically can they do for the transaxle?

I am looking for lightning quick downshifts, raised wot shift points, firm and fast WOT shifts, no delay on 1-2 shift, and a direct 3-1 downshift at the appropriate speed (right now it goes into second then first, even at WOT)

I know with the 4R70W and AODE's in Mutangs and Tbirds, you can only do so much with the computer. Many people go through and do the "Jerry Mod" to the valve body, which basically enlarges some holes in the separator plate to allow more fluid flow./ Then at that point the computer can work its magic with a custom tune.

Would I need to do any valvebody modifications along with the chip to get the performance I desire from my AX4S trans?

The soft shifts and delays are ok for the stock 3.8L but won't do after I install the 4.3L stroker engine, with ported big valve heads and .540 cam to boot. AT which point I will need a tune of some sort to work with the 24lb injectors.

The trans only has 51k miles, but I may go through it before the new motor. I think I figured a way to get more clutches in the direct clutch and forward clutch drum using SHO hard parts.

I'd like to get 2nd gear scratch at WOT with the new engine (should be around 275hp), but maintain fairly comfortable part throttle shifts.

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I replied to your e-mail about this.
Got it! Thanks for the very quick reply!
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