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I’ve had her for a couple of years now and I haven’t had to do much. Then she started to go kaflewie!

First we were driving down to LA from San Francisco. She did great all the way through the Valley at 70 mph. When we got to the Grapevine and started to climb she coughed and then went down to 40 mph! We managed to get her to the first rest area and stop. She overheated and started to crackle. Got her to a mechanic who ran the diagnostics and discovered a blown valve. On tear down he found three burned valves and a bad piston. All I ever heard was a slight rattling on acceleration, but nothing bad. I asked here for advice but no one said anything.

My brakes have been making squealing sounds early in the morning and when I had to brake hard. So rather than fool around with it, I replaced both rotors, both drums, calipers, rear wheel cylinders, pads and shoes. I paid right around $300 for all the parts and another $300 for labor. No noise and I stop better than ever.

Now I have to replace the water pump, coolant reservoir and flush the radiator. After that, passenger side tail light lens. I’d like to put in LED lights for all turn signals, side markers and rear window brake lights.

Still, with everything that’s been done so far, I’m confident enough to drive back to Ohio. I’ll let all y’all know how it goes!
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