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I'll give it a go...

Your original post seemed to say the rear wheel was locked up before your son tried setting and releasing the parking brake. And that the car was parked w/out the parking brake set. You also said you had a rear brake job done prior to the current lovely weather.

My guess: the mechanic forgot to replace the rubber plug(s) on the back plate of the wheel(s). These are the access slots to the Brake adjuster "star-wheel" in the back plate. If I remember correctly, there may even be two of them per wheel, but I have only worked w/ the one that accesses the adjuster. Water has splashed up inside of the drum and is now freezing and locking up the wheel with the cold temps.

I'll even go further out on this limb... The drum is releasing after parking brake use because the parking brake applies pressure - pads against drum. Pressure results in heat; an increase in the temperature. Not much, but enough to get the pads unfrozen from the drum.

He will probably need to pull the tire to check it. The slot w/ the plug missing, or the plug itself, will be near where the brake line enters the plate. If it turns out to be a missing plug he can get a new plug almost anywhere that brakes are done. He should snag two plugs for a dollar or so and then have a look. That way if one or both are missing he need only raise the car once (per side) and pop 'em in. He should also check around to find the other slot and make sure it's covered too - darned if I remember where it is.

After that normal braking should heat up and dry out the drum soon enough.

As always - safety first...MAKE SURE he supports the car properly once it is jacked up before he starts sticking his noggin into wheel wells.

If he is not the type to do such things, a mechanic would probably charge next to nothing to throw the car onto a lift and put in a plug or plugs if missing. $10-$15 or so at most?
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