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Weight Reduction

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And I'm not talking about stripping the whole interior, throwing out the spare, rust, going on a diet, I mean things like the Cincy cowl hood, light weight generation-interchangable suspension components, manual windows and seats, lighter interior components, stuff like that
Something feesable and lagal, not ruining anything.
I'm sure alot of us are interested.
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Wheels. 99 SHO wheels are supposedly the lightest stock 16" alloys. Removing an ounce off each wheel is like removing several pounds from the rest of the car.
Get some sparco racing seats for the front, between the two you could prolly lose like 50lbs or something depending on how lightweight of seats you get.
What about suspension parts? Any Gens have some Aluminium?
I think the SHO Plus hood is lighter than the Cincy cowl hood.

On the Vulcan engine, you can swap the aluminum upper intake for a newer plastic one.

AFAIK, all the years/models of the Taurus had the same materials for the suspension components. The front sway bar end links changed to plastic at one point, but that is a trivial amount of weight savings. Most of the suspension alternatives for the Taurus end up adding weight rather than reducing it (bigger sway bars, SFCs, GM rear suspension arms, etc.)
I can't think of anything big that I've done, but I have done a few small reductions. I swapped my power antenna for for a short rubber antenna so I could take out the motor. Not much weight in there. I took out my spare and jack because I have AAA and I figured I'll just get it towed and then patched if I ever get a flat. When I disabled my EGR I used some block off plates so I could completely take the valve off, again not much of a reduction. I swapped my carpet floor mats for some flimsy-a** cheap vinyl mats at wal-mart that felt a lot lighter (and cheaper) than the factory mats. Also, whenever I do my brakes, I just have my rotos turned instead of buying new ones like I'm supposed to. I've resurfaced these rotors a good3 or 4 times and I don't plan on buying new rotors anytime soon, unless I get the drilled/slotted rotors. I took off that stupid blanket on the underside of the hood, as well as that rubber weather stripping on the underside of the hood that meets the cowl when it's closed. O took those last two trying to keep the motor or at least the manifold cool, not really looking for much weight there. I took off the stupid plastic thing over the TB just cuz I thought it looks stupid. Of course the factory intake silencer of whatever is gone because I made my own intake. Also when I got my exhaust done I switched from factory "duals" to a 2 1/2" single. And when I got home I noticed the guy left the old exhaust hanger on there, so I took that off too. I took out all the front speakers, but that's just temporary because I'm waiting for new ones to show up. I took out my 6 disc changer, but again that just temporary until I clean the roller inside of it. I can't think of anything else, but what I'm saying is that even the small, trivial reductions make a difference if you can find enough to yank out.

I'm also planning on swapping out my power seat for a manual one, just need to start shopping around to see if it worth it o buy one of those "racing" seats or if I should just keep the factory look with a manual seat out of another taurus.
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The Odyssey PC925 battery will drop your battery weight from almost 40lbs to a mere 26lbs.
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gut the interior (seats, carpet, etc) and remove the insulation from under the carpet lining the floor. it'll sound louder in the cockpit, mind you.

take the carpet out of the trunk. take the hood blanket out.

subs/amps aren't cool on a drag car.

for track runs, lose the rear seat.
We'll be selling carbon fiber Gen I/II hoods before June.
Are they OEM or cowl or something like that
How much?
I wouldn't mind having one
Originally posted by Mikeys_Taurus@Jan 2 2004, 10:22 PM
We'll be selling carbon fiber Gen I/II hoods before June.
who's 'we'? tcca? midwest sho?
Replace the window glass with plexiglass
Shave the side mirrors
Smaller gas tank
Some brake rotors may have less rotational mass than others, might want to check that out.
Originally posted by XLSuruaT@Jan 3 2004, 01:29 AM
Some brake rotors may have less rotational mass than others, might want to check that out.
That's why I just keep on resurfacing the ones I have instead of buying new thick ones.
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