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Hello again to everybody

Inspired on the "Do it Yourself" and in the Nice Pics about the "Nice" Rust Damages
in the thread:


So I Feel the need to share my Experiences and ask for your support...

Years Ago... My water pump "pipe" or tube attached between the pump and the lower rad Hose,
will "crack" at the pump area so was near impossible to "sold" again, and the pump neck
was so imposible to introduce another tube cause the rust, as result:
needed Change of Water Pump and to make myself an "tube", so when read the mentioned thread
remember how was helped by the local "muffler man" for heat and bend a tube i found somewhere.

So send a Picture of that tube "made in garage", well, aply very well for the neede urgence....
so the time is going an the tube is getting more and more rust.

The Intention is to Find a new OEM Tube pipe for my 1988 3.8L

Also the Water "Elbow" in the intake is coming rusted, so needed replace to do.

One of you Know the Part Numbers of the "pipe" and for the "elbow" or some web location
to buy them? :dunno:


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Did Mooby change his name??????? :D :D

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I just had my car in the shop to get a new water pump and alternator. That tube was badly rusted and they really wanted me to have a new one put on so I did. Mine is a 1996 Sable with a Duratec and I don't want to bring bad news, but if yours is anything like mine, the part alone was $184 bucks. That tube cost me more then the alternator or the water pump did.

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I know this thread is ancient but for posterity here are some part numbers that might keep a few Essex Taurus on the road.
  1. The heater tube at the top of the water pump is part number F4DZ-18B402-C but can be found under Motorcraft part number KT-25.
  2. The water pump inlet tube is no longer available BUT the tube for the Windstar will work.
    • It comes with a rubber hose attached so AutoZone says it doesn't fit the Taurus.
    • Ask for Dorman part number 626-514 and remove the hose.
  3. The 90 degree heater inlet hose barb with the 3/8" pipe thread hole in the top for mounting the sensor is part number E8DZ-18599-A
  4. The 90 heater bypass elbow is part number E8DZ-18599-B.
    • Items 3 & 4 are not available new but you can piece together adequate replacements on JEGS by searching 'NPT fittings'.
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