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Warped Rotors?

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I've noticed that when i brake at low speeds my car jerks back and forth, with a slight vibration in the steering wheel. i've ruled out that it needs an alignment, cause i just had one done. i'm wondering if its time to change the rotors. Any suggestions?
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Tauruses, especially the first 2 generations are known for warping the front rotors. That might be the cause of your problems.
Gen III's warp rotors alot, too. I had mine turned twice in one year (I'm a late braker). I got tired of it, and went to slotted/dimpled EBC rotors. Haven't had a problem since.
The 4th generation Taurus is no better with brake rotors. My '03 went in at 311 miles and I can tell as I approach 8000 miles-it won't be long before they need to replace them.
keep this in mind, if you feel the pulsation in the steering wheel ONLY, it's the front brakes....if you ONLY feel it in your butt, it's the rear brakes (yes, even the drums need to be machined sometimes)....then there's BOTH

this had been a real pain for the Gen 3 I had and is just as much of a problem for my Gen 4 .........
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