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was at bestbuy last night to buy a Silver Sensor uhf antenna so i can get soem FREE hd feeds (it worked awesome btw), and just went by the car audio section to see wha thtye have

i am currentlyrunning an alpine headunit (7897) with a inexpensive sub w. amp and stock speakers

My next step is to upgrade the stock speakers, and then get a 4 channel amp to drive them

They had 6.5 fanatic P components for 100 on clearance
and 5.25 fanantic P's for 70

also had 3 way coaxial rockford's for 90

anyone have experience with rockford's speaker line?? In my brother's old civic we had a 12 inch HX2 sub ( i believe that was themodel) which was bad a**...dvc....had good sound.

but i've never used their main speaker line. Any recommendations???

Also, do you think it will make a difference at all if i put components in the rear, or am i just wasting my money, as the sound stage will not make a big difference? With the room available in the rear of a wagon, i could mount the tweeters almost anywhere....


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