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Ha! I still have my '97 Wagon with the 3.0 Vulcan engine. Bought it brand new in 1998 as a "leftover". It's been off the road in a "pit stop" for a while now, though ...

@chartmaker : I know it's sold, but what were they asking for that 2004 Sable Wagon with the bigger engine ( is it the 3.8L)? 104k miles is low mileage ...

Found this one in just a few minutes (but with the Vulcan engine and appears to need some interior sprucing up ... but 159k miles ... not too bad):

This one very unusual, loaded and had the glass roof, power pas seat, MACH sound, super clean. No smoker, maintained entire life. Tires 4K miles on them, two good keys/fobs, owner's guide still in it's zipper pouch.
At 160K miles $4500. North VA car so no rust. Only things negative, vacuum leak, I fixed it. Fog lights missing, looks like the mounting posts are broken. I am guessing someone ran the front over a curb
or parking lot block and flexed the cover and broke the mounts. Power to the wires is OK. Wagons this era rare, loaded more than rare. I sold my '03 used hard, rusting, and 170K miles to a friend when I could find this one.
I looked on line several months to find this one. That 280 miles away.
Since I have an ad blocking my post block I will have to post later.


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