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Vulcan Vs. Zr-1

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I was going down Telegraph (a 5 lane road) and I noticed a 100% awsome ZR-1 Corvette in the lane next to me. The guy driving it looked like a hot shot so I was hoping to meet the guy at the stop light up ahead. Lucky for me, we made it there.

He revved the engine and I showed him some Vulcan power by revving my engine as well. After the light turned green, the guy handed me my butt on a platter. I couldn't even hit the gas fast enough and the guy was way ahead of me.

So if you guys want to race Corvettes, you better have something more then Mad Vulcan Powera! It was still fun!
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Ahh! Ya know, I have this friend that has a VERY heavily modified V6 mustang. He has taken multiple c4 corvettes and has claimed to taken a Zr-1. I adore those things, but the grand sport takes the cake!
Aww...You might have had a chance if he gave you a 5 second head start.
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