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Vulcan - Reliable, Solid, Indestructible?

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I just picked up a 2000 SE Taurus, with the Vulcan engine. When I bought I realised that the engine is an older design, kicks out less power and is less fuel efficient than the Duratech. However, I assumed that the engine would be reliable, solid and built like a tank (like the car). Is this the case? Are Vulcans generally reliable and held in high regard if maintained regularily and correctly?

Or should I have waited and gone for a Duratech?

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The Vulcan is very reliable. In fact, the Vulcan, Essex, Duratec, 3.0L Yamaha, 3.2L Yamaha, and 3.4L Yamaha will all easily reach 200K miles with normal maintenance. The Taurus/Sable was blessed with great powerplants. :banana:
:withstupid: Yeah. Of all the people on these boards we've had *MAYBE* 6 have vulcans fail prematurely for unknown reasons. And prematurely is <200K miles. You can easily get close to 200K miles on it.

However, your transmission will likely not last past 125-150K. Yeah, great engines, but crappy trannys. Get a transmission cooler in there pronto. I don't remember who on here did it, but someone put a tranny cooler on their *I think* Gen 2 at about 50K miles and the tranny lasted close to 225K miles (compared to about 100-125K miles for most Gen 2 trannys). Now granted, transmission technology has come a long way between the Gen 2 and our Gen 4, but still better safe then sorry. It's been proven that a 20*F average temperature drop will nearly double the life of the transmission, SO DO IT! :D


EDIT: Plus, the lower temp tranny fluid will increase it's density and will give better lubrication as well as better shifts.
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When I got my new tranny they put a cooler on there. I also added a quart of Lucas Tranny Oil. It works great.

The Vulcan is regarded as the most reliable engine on the bulls.
Originally posted by mobiuslogic@May 16 2004, 04:13 PM
However, your transmission will likely not last past 125-150K.
I don't know if I'd say that. Yes, these trannys are prone to failure, but there are plenty of guys on th boards with high mileage vehicles on their original tranny. Just take care of your care, and it should take care of you.

However, it is better to be safe than sorry. I would also recommend a transmission cooler. Even if you do take care of the transmission, it could still have problems, and a cooler will prolong its life in any situation.

the DURATEC is not moe fuel efficent...dont know where you are getting theinfo that you are but its wrong.

The vulcan is more durable, and fuel efficent that the duratec....i own both.

The vulcan engine is much more "ROCK SOLID" than the body or frame or anything else will ever be.

you have a good motor.

Anything except a 96-99 Vulcan (without the bypass kit) and you're fine.

Your engine, properly maintained, will outlast the car. The transmission should be fine as well, with the addition of a transmission cooler, and regular maintenance.
:whythis: :lol2:

One other thing...Always listen to "teh Bob." :lol: He knows what he's talking about. :notworthy:

The only reports of Vulcan failure I've encountered were the head bolts breaking on #3 and #4 cylinders. Those were on 1986 and 1987 Vulcans, too.
For the mileage record, my Vulcan has gotten 33 MPG on the highway.
A tank has nothing on the Vulcan pushrod. It's no hotrod, but I recently found that a friend of mine with a '91 drove almost 800 miles with no coolant. This was almost 4 months ago, car still starts everytime. And yeah, I smacked him. :grin2:
Hmm...I keep hearing about the transmissions going on these things, but It hasn't happened to me yet B). As far as I know, the transmission fluid has only been changed once, if ever (i'm still trying to track down records of everything). My Mother obviously didn't know it had to be done, and my Father can't remember it being done. :eek:

I'm right about 118k, i've put the last 18k on the car, and the tranny still shifts well and there haven't been any problems to speak of. To be on the safe side though, my car's getting completely checked over, and the tranny will be serviced. I take it i'm the exception to the rule? :p
Originally posted by smc540@May 17 2004, 02:25 PM
I take it i'm the exception to the rule?  :p
Nope. The vast majority of Taurus owners will never have a transmission problem. However, no one posts about problems they don't have. :)
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