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Vulcan Performance Mods

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Hello, this is my first official post and I know this question has probably been covered a thousand times but here it goes.... What mods (if any) can be done to the Vulcan for added perfomance under the hood? Is there an intake (like from a Ranger) that can be swapped and get more hp? Interchanges with larger throttlebody. I already know about the silencer but I'm looking for more power than that. No, I do not want a power adder (supercharger, turbo charger or nitrous). Has ther been any head swapping to find more power in these Vulcans? Has anybody tried to adjust timing and how did you do that? Thanks in advance,
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Some basics:

No one makes an aftermarket intake. Most people here build their own custom one. You can put in a lager TB from a mustang. The timing is controlled by the ECU, you need a chip to adjust it. I have never heard of anyone putting in aftermarket heads, but it could be done. things I would suggest:
1. New injectors. The stock vulcan injectors are 14 lb/hr. they can barely support 150Hp.
2. A new chip to use the new injectors. Plus it will firm up the shifts and adjust the timing.
3. A phenolic spacer. will keep the intake air cooler, and reduce the chances for detonation (a problem with the vulcans).
4. build some sort of high-flowing custom CAI (cold air intake). will help the engine breath alot better.

There are others, but those are a good starting point.
The stock fuel pump is 60LPH. If you increase the pressure, you risk keeping the injectors from seating properly. There is a crank sensor, but the EEC actually adjusts the timing, depending on IAT, O2 sensor, you know the deal.

The stock injectors on a mustang are 19 lb.hr, but the ECU will NOT recognize the new sizes. They are hard-programmed into the lookup tables, and cannot be changed. I looked into just getting my stock ECU reflashed, and everyone I talked to said they could not do it.
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