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Viper - 1 , Would-be Jacker - 0

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Well, I had to go to the bank today. Not my normal bank, but a different bank to cash a check someone wrote me. Well, I marked on the outside of the parking garage in the 15 minute parking in broad daylight, though my driver's door was facing away from the building. I had to go to the other side of the parking garage and up a flight of stairs to get to the bank,

When I got back, I tried to remote start my car from accross the lot, but didn't hear it start. I just assumed I had a bad signal or something. When I got to where I could see the rear end of the car, I disabled the alarm and hit the remote start. It started right up. As I rounded the last car, I could see what it didn't start... My driver's side door was wide open! I figure someone tried to jack the car or at least broke in with a Slim Jim or something, but the alarm frightened them off. The alarm had disabled the starter and all. My GPS and cell phone were still in the cup holder where I had left them surprising enough. All my audio stuff was still in the trunk and working, although it would take someone 10 minutes just to get the amp and cap out the way I have it wired up and bolted down.

Thank goodness for my Viper system! Yay DEI!

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glad to see the alarm did its job and saved your ride. glad no one got away with any of your stuff. freaking theives had a simlar thing happen to my el camino at wal-mart as i ran in and out with 15 min time frame and my viper stopped them as well.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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