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There used to be a vin decoder on the home page here, but I can't find it. Did you guys get rid of it? Does anybody know where I can find one?

Or can somebody just tell me which digits of the vin are the paint code?

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your paint could is usualy not in your vin.... it is on your door sticker if you read it there is it should be in the lower lef hand corner and should say paint coad and a 2 letter coad ..

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Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
The official Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for title and registration purposes is stamped on a metal tab that is fastened to the instrument panel (04320) close to the windshield glass (03100) on the LH side of the vehicle. It is visible from outside.

The Vehicle Identification Number is also located on the vehicle certification label.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a 17-character alpha-numeric vehicle identification number. This number is used for warranty identification of the vehicle and indicates the following:

type of restraint system
body type
model year
assembly plant consecutive unit number
The last six digits of the Vehicle Identification Number indicate the Consecutive Unit Number of each unit built at each assembly plant. The Consecutive Unit Numbers begin as follows:
000,001 through 599,999: Ford Division Vehicles
600,001 through 999,999: Lincoln and Mercury Division Vehicles

Typical Vehicle Identification Number

Item Part Number Description
1 — World Manufacturer Identifier
2 — Restraint System Type
3 — Manufacturer Specification
4 — Line, Series, Body Type
5 — Engine Type
6 — Check Digit
7 — Vehicle Model Year
8 — Assembly Plant
9 — Production Sequence Number


Exterior Paint Color Codes


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