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Alright.. so my 3.8 has been doing this for a while, so I havn't been driving it for a while; I thought it might of been an injector after replacing the plugs and noticing one of them was fouled... but after I put a fresh set of injectors on today it did the same EXACT thing. I'll run through it for you..

I turn on the car.. runs ..high RPM for a few seconds... goes to idle..then baM..eerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a heavy.. loud.. shaking vibration coming from the engine. But if the RPM changes it goes away.. so I sit it at 1500 RPM and after a little while it come back.. then a little higher.. then it comes back.. then a little higher.. then it comes back.. then I just turn it off.. I unplug a plug wire from the distributor cap to see if the vibration goes away. I turn it on.. the usual missing since it's a cylinder down.. but now it's running a few RPMs higher.. and it ""wants"" to do it.. just barely it'll vibrate.. then stop then start then stop.

As you can see by the post time I was doing this kind of late.. tomorrow I'll see if I can get some videos of it. And some more precise information.. does anyone have any ideas for me??? :(

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I don't know if this'll apply to the cars, but I was at my friends shop the other day, and he had an Econoline van in that was doing that exact same thing. Turns out that it was the IAC motor. :blink:

Weird, right?
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