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Vacuum Hose Melted, Can't Find Other End 90 Taurus

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I'm trying to fix the air in my '90 Taurus GL 3.8L. It is always routed to the defrost vents under the windshield even if I select vent or floor etc.

I read about other people with this problem that said it was a vacuum hose that controlled the air routing. I have a severed hose (about 1/8" diameter) coming through at about the center of the firewall near the top, it's right between two larger (about 3/4" diameter) hoses that come through the firewall also. I'm guessing this is the problem, but I don't know where the hose gets routed to. It was actually melted when I got the car so there was just a ball of melted rubber on the end.

Can someone tell me where this hose gets routed to and if this will fix my air routing problem?

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